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Divine Fang: Character

Kiowa Chahko

Age: 26**

A banished member of the Dreibak tribe of the Dragon clan, Kiowa wanders across the Great Land in search for 15 scattered items that may cure his curse. Uncertain what the curse may bring to his people, he was immediately sent to exile from his mother at the age of 11. A wing grows from his back as a reminder of the accident that happened 15 years ago. He is uncertain what will happen when the curse spreads over more than just his back. However, he is determined to search for the items to return home to his only family member, his mother, Ikopo.

Personality: He does not have much to say after wandering alone by himself for so long. He is afraid to get close to anyone and he is not good with communicating nor dealing with others. He welcomes help from people who are useful to suceeding his mission. When he gets angry, the curse is able to take over his mind that is why his eyes turn yellow.

Family Background: Kiowa’s pasts and his family past’s is shrouded in mystery. The story unfolds these mysteries.


  • Kelsey: Kiowa is afraid of the violent elf girl but allows her to travel with him because she might be useful to him. Often times he tries to ignores what Kelsey says and always ends up being injured.
  • Tobire: Kiowa met Tobire when Tobire was only 2. To Tobire, Kiowa is like an older brother which he admires.
  • Chief Chiwe: Chief Chiwe is Kiowa’s flying teacher. She helped him to fly properly before he left farther into the Great Land. Chiwe is the closet person to Kiowa as a second mother.

Name Origin: When coming up with the name, I was looking for the meaning to relate to the character. But Kiowa is actually the name of a Native American nation [wiki] pronouced “Kye-oh-wa”. For this story, however, his name will be pronounced “Kee-oh-wa”. I also chose Chahko for a reason, that I can’t seem to find right now T_T;;

Kelsey Melodien

Age: 30

Kelsey, an outcasted city elf of Tierria City, has lived by herself for most of her life. She is told by the Peacemaker to stay in the “cage” and keep the peace in the city. As a strong pacifist, there are things she will not tolerate and will even get very violent. However being isolated, Kelsey is afraid to get close to others. She does not understand why she must be isolated, but comply with the Peacemakers’ order.

Personality: Very outspoken when needed, Kelsey will not hold back her words. She is stubborn in heart and will not tolerate the way things are. She is physically very strong, but is also emotionally unstable and confused.

Family Background: Kelsey’s was brought up by the Peacemakers, but her parents existence is unknown at the moment. The story unfolds these mysteries.


  • Kiowa: Kelsey is annoyed by how quiet Kiowa is and would always injure him. She decided to travel with him after feeling that their meeting might be more than just an accident.
  • Rhier: An elf that appears in Kelsey’s past….

Trika Clan [BIRD]

Chief Chiwe

Age: 183

Chief Chiwe is the first female chief of the Trika clan. Her father before her was the previous chief. 13 years ago, she stumbled upon a boy who fell from the sky. She decided to take care of him seeing that he did not know how to fly properly. Chief Chiwe hold one of the 15 items that Kiowa needs, “The Feather from the Bird God”. When Kiowa returned, she knew he would try to take it and takes advantage of the situation by setting up a competition between her grandson Tobire and her former student Kiowa. She is very sneaky and loves to set up contests.

Chiwe have lived for many years and have experienced the event of the devastating war 100 years ago loosing her wing and arm. Her past may unlock mysteries from Kiowa’s family past.


Age: 15

One of the last remaining “birds” of the Trika clan, Tobire sees only the good things in life. Raised well by his people, Tobire hardly see the darkside of the world. Tobire is faithful to his people and when he became a warrior, he vowed to protect them. Although he may look young and playful, Tobire is actually one of the strongest warrior of the Trika clan.

Personality: Cheerful and sneaky, Tobire always have a smile on his face. But because of his innocent heart, he get frustrated by the negative things in life that others experienced.

Family Background: He is the grandson of Chief Chiwe. His aunt, Tori, takes care of Tobire and his younger brother after the death of his parents. As the few remaining born with wings, Tobire lives seperately from his little brother, Yetae.


Age: 25

Tobire’s aunt is the youngest daughter of Chief Chiwe and sister of Tobire’s late mother. Tori is like a mother to Tobire and raised him after his parents’ death. She is in love with Kein, the son of the Rufgheu’s chief. She is also a childhood friend of Kiowa and Kein while Kiowa was training under Chief Chiwe. She is easy going and friendly, but has a hint of maturity as well.


Age: 13

Tobire’s younger brother and one of the first generation of the Trika’s human born members. In contrast to his older brother, Yetae is more mature for his age. He is upset at Tobire for a particular reason…


Age: unknown

The notable bird with one eye covered. Although he looks young, he appeared in the Alliane War at the time of Chiwe’s youth.

Rufgheu Clan [WOLF]


Age: 26

The playful son of the Rufgheu’s chief. He is a childhood love of Tori and also known Kiowa at the time. He adores and love the Hercanises pack.

*The Bird and Dragon clan are cousin race. The Dragon clan diminished into the human race and so their eyes appear normal, while the Bird clan was able to retain that “reptile-like” eyes.

**Ages: Elves and dragon clan have a longer lifespan than the bird clan, wolf clan, and human clan. Kiowa being 26 years old appears 18, while Kelsey is 30, she appears 17.