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Divine Fang


Kiowa Chahko is a banished member of the Dreibak Dragon tribe who has been cursed by the Dragon’s Fang. The infamous curse of Dragon’s Fang is known to have cause a major disaster to the Dreibak clan and to other clans that have fallen by this curse. Set out to journey alone at the age of 11, Kiowa must search for fifteen scattered items across the Great Land in order to lift the curse and return home to the mother whom he has just became acquainted with. Now fifteen years later, Kiowa was only able to collect a small portion of scattered items, realizing this was not an easy task. The curse behind him grows weary and unable to contain itself within his body. Along his journey, Kiowa meets an Elf girl, named Kelsey, who has decided to help Kiowa search for the remaining scattered items across the Great Land. Together they journey to find the items and along their way, they unfold many secrets of their past and the world’s history…


If you were wondering the art style changes, the Prologue was done in 2002 as a short arc story submission for Tokyopop RSOM. The prologue is the only chapter read LEFT to RIGHT. Chapter 1 and 2 started in 2004 and is read Right to LEFT. So after two years, my styles have improved and hopefully my panel pacing got better than before. So don’t let the prologue stop you from reading it XD;;

How DF came about

Originally, “Divine Fang” was created by my siblings and me for the Tokyopop RSOM Competition Fall 2002; but we didn’t win. I posted on the web and asked people if they would like to see the story continue. After much replies, I decided to continue the story in Summer 2004. Divine Fang was heavily influenced by Lord of the Rings, when the first movie came out. So I wanted to do something fantasy and have elves. But at the same time, I wanted something with wings and ribbons flying down. I was also inspired by Suikoden III character design of Native People clothings. So the whole story was based on visuals. Over time, I added more to the story and decided “Divine Fang is the Beginning World of my whole original works. “My Everleaf” is another original that will closely follow the same time period, if I ever have a chance to work on it. “Divine Fang” will also be my test subject for improving my manga skills.

Disclaimer: “Divine Fang” is entirely fictional and is not based on any history. Resemblance of story, tribes, people, name etc are coincidental.