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Ouran Host Club: the Notebook Kiss

The Notebook Kiss started out as a super short Ootori Kyouya x Hitachiin Kaoru comic. I just had the urge to draw this after reading some KyouKao fics and sketched the cover drawing. I especially loved this fic Curse of the “Flu” so much   I think if Kaoru would find someone for himself, it would be someone as smart as him which I think points to Kyouya. The little interaction at the end of Episode 16 really surprised me how easily they can talk to each other like that and how they share something in common intrigues me.

There is also implied HikaHaru. I think Haruhi is suited for Hikaru as someone who can teach him to grow up. So in here, Hikaru has started to notice Kaoru always dazing off thinking to himself like in episode 21 and wants to know what Kaoru is thinking. He asked Haruhi for help and so Haruhi is training him to being a thoughtful brother because face it, Hikaru is more aggressive and the type to fling his actions and emotions.

I extended the story longer after getting a lot of feedbacks to continue it. Thus it ended up being a series with four chapters so far… Still incomplete though U_U;; There’s also a fanfic version that is a more detailed companion to the comic.