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Kaze.Co is a short manga submitted to BAAU Down 5 (2005) annual anthology. The characters originated from a doodle I did in 2001. The title Kaze.Co came from Toumi’s original name: Kazetoumi. “Kaze” (風), meaning wind in Japanese. “Co” as in “company”. Although I haven’t touched the storyline as much, I do scribble some ideas to the side. They have been featured in my annual Chinese New Year art. The story is set in America, where we have a culture clash between Renko (1st generation American) and Toumi (Chinese Immigrant). Renko is also of mix heritage: Chinese-Japanese (father) and Caucasian (mother), which I wanted to explore Asian American identity in contrast with Toumi.

I doubt I’ll work deeply into this story because it requires a lot of research @A@;; But we’ll see…

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