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Poyo Yo! Studio

Poyo Yo! Demon

Visual Novel made for the one month NaNoRenO 2013 challenge. 

These are original characters I’ve created a long time ago and just kept drawing them over the years and started expanding the characters for my business cards. I’ve always wanted to make an Otome game (even tho I never really played one). When I heard of the NaNoRenO, I wanted to participate using these characters since I have never actually developed any story for them. With my friend, Lucathia, we worked on a very simple first chapter story for the challenge.

Forum participation thread.


Yuu* holds no love for demons. Because of them, Yuu has always had to crossdress to hide her identity. When she joins GateLight Corp, a supposedly ordinary, renewable energy company, she never thought she would end up having to confront them.

*player’s character


  • 1 completed route
  • 4,993 words
  • 5 menus
  • 20-30 minutes gameplay
  • artworks are not finalized. Expect it to be rough!

Download (v1.0)

All/Cross Platform

Media Fire


Gem2niki [Original Creator, Art, Story, Script, Editing]

Lucathia [Story, Script, Editing]