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Poyo Yo! Studio


After working on my portfolio with wordpress and getting used to the builder, I decided to rebuild my main site. I finally rebuilt the whole site to be modern and responsive friendly. Goodbye coding html from scratch. Never knew how convenient it was to build with wordpress until these past few years. The content on the site is still on the old side so hopefully I can focus on working on new art and updating projects.

Portfolio is a separate site where I display my professional works so I can use for job application. Since I’ve mainly worked at one company since the start of my career, it’s mostly made up of Gaia Online work.

Gallery collects all the artworks I’ve posted online from various platform.

Comics collects all my sequential work I’ve done over the past decades to now. I hope to update my main stories again XD

Projects are published works such as artbooks and game. They didn’t have their own pages before, so now I’ve finally consolidated them in one place.

In the age of social media, personal websites are more irrelevant but it gives me a peace of mind that my site doesn’t use iframes anymore haha. Enjoy!