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Welcome to the fancomic of bizarre REUNION.

I am not very good at writing (my English sucks even for an American born >__>) but I enjoy creating doujinshi because its visual storytelling and I work on it whenever I'm motivated. Apparently, I never finish any story I start with, but I still attempt creating it, just for the fun of it. I have been working on this manga for years since digimon came out and have revised and slowly worked on the story. So I might come back to it after two years of not working on it, just out of the mood. I will try to watch out for my horrible grammar, so please endure it ^^

To read the comic, you must read asian style, which is right to left (<-- O-O). Enjoy.

Gem2niki 2005

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Choosing the Right PATH
Volume 1 2 *new* The Chosen Children returns to the Digital world after 3 years! An alternative version of the Digimon Adventure 02 series which will focus on the romance, school life, digimon battle, and plots in a different aspect!! //Genre: Shoujo

note: The revise version are what I wanted to redraw and rearrange in the storyline. I didn't like the old drawing and how the pacing is going, so I revised the older chapters. In some ways, you can read just the revise or you can read both to get some more extra things. Also, on episode 3, I mix the older version of episode 2 and 3 with the revise to complete some gaps in the story. Sorry if it gets confusing ^^

note 2: Episode 3, page 5, 4th panel: Let's pretend a few months past by from their first day of school. I am seriously getting lost by the time zone from working year off of year XD So bear with me!

[pairing will focus on several love triangles: Takeru x Hikari x Daisuke, Yamato x Sora x Taichi, Taichi x Koushirou x Mimi, Daisuke x Ken, Daisuke x Miyako]

TAP Valentine's Day
Manga The concept wasn't originally mine. It's based on one of the Digimon drama CD episode that Jakie gave me summary and translation to use. I haven't heard of the drama episode but from reading it, it seems really cute and inspiring to do a mnaga but with a few minor adjustment *wink*. The story sets on Valentine's Day after Digimon 02 when a Digimon, Bullotmon (that looks like Wargraymon), is searching for a heart and kidnaps the girls in the process. How will Taichi and the others save them? //Genre: Parody/Comedy

[pairing included: Yamato x Sora, Daisuke x Ken]

Short Story
Till the [END]
This is an old comic I drew back then, but I cleaned up and darkened the line with a newer drawing style. It's very short, about Garudamon's commitment to protect Sora. Initially this scene was to start off my fanfic series with gijinka transformation. But I don't remember what happened in the story now ^^;;//Genre: Drama

[pairing included: Yamato x Sora]

Spin the [BOTTLE]
This is sooo old. I drew this long time ago. It's a comic strip about spin the bottle (just like the title) featuring superdeformed Chosen Children from Digimon 01. //Genre: Romance/Comedy

note: There's no link to click on! Too lazy >__>

[pairing included: Takeru x Hikari, Koushirou x Mimi, Yamato x Sora]

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