The Notebook Kiss is a Ootori Kyouya x Hitachiin Kaoru online doujinshi continuing off the short comic by popular demand...acutally I really wanted to draw more on Kaoru's character :3

Kaoru is slowly separating from Hikaru and find himself drawn to the megane host after trying to pull a prank on a sleeping Kyouya. Now he's regretting ever leaving a little note on the Shadow King's notebook after considering a security camera might have caught his other little action. In Chapter 3 of the fanfic version, Kaoru goes to school at night trying to locate where the taping might be....After much luck(?) meeting up with Nekozawa, Kaoru, Hikaru, and Haruhi managed to get the tape, however it was already way past midnight, leaving three sleep deprived trio...

This story also implies Hikaru/Haruhi developing a new kind of relationship. Be warned.

Gem2niki 2007